Audio scene from Sirens in the Soul

Stories of Inquiry

Alexa Dvorson's radio pieces range from the regrets of former neo-Nazis to a psychiatrist's lonely bid to reverse rising suicide rates in Bhutan, the ambitions of a Syrian teen adopted by a Turkish family in Berlin, and a Gambian's anguish over the practice of female genital cutting hours after it nearly kills her daughter. A common thread in Alexa's storytelling is the quest to strike a palpable chord of shared humanity, with occasional airtime dedicated to migrating nightingales during their seasonal layover in the German capital.

Her work has aired on BBC World Service and Radio 4, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), PRI, NPR, Deutsche Welle, Green Planet Monitor, Pacifica Radio, and other public broadcasters. Her book about Hitler Youth, Marching Toward Madness, was published in 1999 for a young readers’ series on Holocaust education.

She has trained and mentored journalists in Germany and on multiple visits to Madagascar, Nepal, and Bhutan, with additional dispatches to South Africa, South Sudan, Senegal, and Ethiopia. A recurring theme of empowerment is the breaking of social silence through reporting on taboo subjects to encourage public debate.

Besides her offerings as a radio correspondent, Alexa has worked as a guest lecturer and held two press fellowships. She is regularly engaged as a voiceover artist, editor, commentator and translator.